Season’s End


You guys, this gives me the sads. I hate goodbyes. I hate when good things are over, and what started as a bloggy place to explore voice and tone in writing has been such a fun hang out for me through the last couple of years. I had kids on here, for goodness’ sake! We moved and grew. It was such an elastic space to stuff memories while working on all things writerly and photography-ey, and where else am I going to affect a tone so closely aligned to Bridget Jones and Nancy Mitford?

Seriously. SO SAD.

But every time I sat down to write a post this summer I just… had to walk away after two paragraphs. Not enough words, too many words, not the right ones—I have drafts in every state of wrongness from the last couple of months, trying to get my head around the big concepts of dealing with life as it really is when we’re not making it nicer for public consumption. I need a different space for the next journey, a journey toward greater authenticity and healing, and—truthfully—I am unwilling to deal with the shitstorm of having this next adventure in such a public space.

I’m not even sure I want to deal with the shitstorm of using a word like shitstorm.

I just need a fresh bloggy start, you know?

So this is me signing off for the foreseeable. I have another adventure to take, and I have never been immune to September’s siren call of fresh notebooks and spanking new planners. The time is right. Nothing like the giddy invigoration of a new blog. And nothing quite so anonymous either, amirite?

So thanks for reading with me here, and happy trails, fellow travelers!