Having Adventures


We are home. Not that we’ve been out of the house entirely–the kids and I have been in and out–but we have reached the stage of big exhalations and peaceful nights. I no longer leave a light on in the living room at night. Carl is back from an 11 day shoot in Israel, and we’re all together again.

But what an adventure!

I mean, obvs I was not hiking all day with a thirty pound pack or getting up at 5 to do a sunrise time lapse shoot, but I drove across the state with crying children by myself! I put kids to bed and sat by toddler beds at 2am and got up at 6 all by myself. I read books at night and made plans with friends and survived a sprained ankle.

It’s easy to acknowledge that there are millions of single/military/traveling parents doing this day in and day out, but acknowledging a fact is way easier than actually inching out a little farther on whatever branch you happen to perch on.

I feel like a better mom.

I feel like a more chill mom.

I’m excited by how much larger our lives could be… if we wanted. Like I would happily do this again if another travel gig popped up, and the thought of doing a writing conference or retreat is suddenly tempting.

I already have a retreat weekend away planned in October. 🙂

Growth is good, and all the little steps are worth celebrating. That’s my opinion of the day.


One thought on “Having Adventures

  1. Wonderful! So glad you’re all together again. I cannot imagine being a single parent, but hats off and a low bow to anyone who has to and does!! Congratulations to both you and Carl for surviving and thriving apart as well as together!

    It looks like Iris also likes white cupcakes at Ba’n Ba’s!

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