Making Monsters

IMG_3750 copy


Every time I log in and start to write it all turns into a very boring moan about parenthood and the opacity of motherhood (women, I think, begin life semi-opaque, but motherhood definitely accentuates it) and my own surprise at how easily complicit I become in the whole thing, and while I have nothing against moans, I don’t have much luck getting to the nerve-end of mine.

Just truisms about being female and sleep deprivation.

So here are some pictures instead. Because we’re reading Olivia every day, and Olivia has a little brother and sometimes she scares him by roaring at him with a paper bag on her head made into a monster.

I’m not saying we aren’t enjoying life. I’m just saying I thought this would be easier… and by this I suppose I mean undoing generations of gender patterning before our oldest is out of diapers.

Talk about monsters.

IMG_3754 copy


One thought on “Making Monsters

  1. That is one of the most artistic monster paper bags I’ve ever seen! You have real talent, I’d say! Happy Mother’s Day, darling!! I can hardly wait to see you. Please give your babies hugs from me.

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