Having Adventures


We are home. Not that we’ve been out of the house entirely–the kids and I have been in and out–but we have reached the stage of big exhalations and peaceful nights. I no longer leave a light on in the living room at night. Carl is back from an 11 day shoot in Israel, and we’re all together again.

But what an adventure!

I mean, obvs I was not hiking all day with a thirty pound pack or getting up at 5 to do a sunrise time lapse shoot, but I drove across the state with crying children by myself! I put kids to bed and sat by toddler beds at 2am and got up at 6 all by myself. I read books at night and made plans with friends and survived a sprained ankle.

It’s easy to acknowledge that there are millions of single/military/traveling parents doing this day in and day out, but acknowledging a fact is way easier than actually inching out a little farther on whatever branch you happen to perch on.

I feel like a better mom.

I feel like a more chill mom.

I’m excited by how much larger our lives could be… if we wanted. Like I would happily do this again if another travel gig popped up, and the thought of doing a writing conference or retreat is suddenly tempting.

I already have a retreat weekend away planned in October. ­čÖé

Growth is good, and all the little steps are worth celebrating. That’s my opinion of the day.


Making Monsters

IMG_3750 copy


Every time I log in and start┬áto write it all turns into a very boring moan about parenthood and the opacity of motherhood (women, I think, begin life semi-opaque, but motherhood definitely accentuates it) and my own surprise at how easily complicit I become in the whole thing, and while I have nothing against moans, I don’t have much luck getting to the nerve-end of mine.

Just truisms about being female and sleep deprivation.

So here are some pictures instead. Because we’re reading Olivia every day, and Olivia┬áhas a little brother and sometimes she scares him by roaring at him with a paper bag on her head made into a monster.

I’m not saying we aren’t enjoying life. I’m just saying I thought this would be easier… and by this I suppose I mean undoing generations of gender patterning before our oldest is out of diapers.

Talk about monsters.

IMG_3754 copy