8 Things I Don’t Even Care About Right Now

1. The start of baseball season. Carl asked me today if I was excited for this. Since Carl doesn’t really care about baseball, I mostly think he uses these types of questions to gauge how much I can hear when I’m reading. I heard him enough to say the thought had literally never crossed my mind.

2. Parenting styles. Attachment, Ferber, Tiger, French… I don’t even care. Keep your kids safe, people, and give them hugs.

3. US politics. I’m not proud of this. I think people should care, and I intend to read lots of the political articles that show up in my feed. And then I totally don’t.

4. Christmas. Remember how exciting it was the first time it snowed, and everything looked so magical? Me neither. Going to be a long nine months before I fall for that nonsense again.

5. Don Draper. True Detective just ended last week. Don’t even talk to me.

6. Split Infinitives.

7. Being popular. Remember when that was super important? Gosh, it’s been a long time since church youth group.

8. Meatloaf. Singer or dish.


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