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We have reached the age where Iris just casually adds new words to her vocabulary, and we’re left staring at each other in surprise. Gone are the days of getting in her grill while painstakingly repeating DUCK, DUCK, DUUUUUUUUUUCK and then cheering like a maniac when she repeated the word back. Come to think of it, no wonder she rarely showed much interest in learning to talk. I probably would have kicked me in the shins.

A couple of days ago she told Carl she wanted her tutu. A few days later she announced she really would like to watch Trotro.

Yesterday she said “shoes!”

These are not words we’ve ever tried to coach her to say. Then again, she found a really snappy pair of red patent leather shoes in the basement (hand me downs from the cousin who once told her mother she was working on her tan in prep for her world tour. This when she was five). Red shoes are good motivation for a lot of things.

She likes to wear them over her footed pajamas. While doing random things around the house. Lately random things has included a lot of playing in our unfinished basement, thwacking at plastic balls with croquet mallets.

It’s a posh life we lead.




2 thoughts on “SHOES!

  1. Love your pictures with the story in the middle! Yes, and has that particular niece’s father ever worked on his tan before going on a world tour?

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