Basically, It’s a Disease


You guys. I am so hooked on my productivity plans. And lists. I cannot stop making lists. The funny thing is that I am actually getting stuff done. Like, not Steve Jobs done. I will not be featured on any magazine covers for this. But done like “I have one kid in the carrier and one toddler” done. Like I washed my counter tops today AND got dressed AND refilled the bird feeder.

It’s fabulous what can be accomplished with a little motivation, a little coffee, and a lot of lists.

OH. And I am still keeping up with my Project 52. Two weeks ago I wrote a 16 page chapter, and last week I did a mixed media picture that was hanging in our bedroom for 2 days before I pulled it back down because it’s not finished, and I figured out what else it needed. I just haven’t quite gotten to it yet.


Life is good. If I could figure out where to find the time for blogging, it would be better still, but I’m working on it. Actually I’ve also been doing a lot of brainstorming on the blog front, but that’s a whole separate conversation. Right now, in the sliver of minutes before Iris gets bored playing by herself and Oliver wakes up from his morning nap, all I have time for is to say….

I still exist!

I’m still project-ing like mad!

Here is some cuteness to brighten your day!!




3 thoughts on “Basically, It’s a Disease

  1. I got addicted to lists in high school and have never quit. There’s just something so satisfying about actually DOING something. Thanks for sharing all the cuteness. 🙂

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