3/52: Zentangle Owl



IMG_3257 copyNow THIS is exactly what I hoped the project would turn into: the promise of big creative returns on the investment of a little time and curiosity. For instance, I didn’t even know Zentangle was a thing. I just kept seeing cool black and white geometric swirl-doodles in my Pinterest feed, and I thought: Sure. Why not. I like it. Done.

A week later I am part way through a Zentangle trio of northern animals (owl, fox, and bear), am experimenting with tangling in text, have bought a book on pattern and technique, and am concocting lots of cool ways to bring tangling into my future scrapbooking projects.

So fun!

Indian flavors month is going well too, for those keeping track. I made saag paneer one night that we both said we’d be happy to eat anytime. On the other hand, the butter chicken we made when Joel and Steve was in town was good but maybe not worth the prep time, and Iris started dry heaving after just tasting my curried carrot soup last week so REVIEWS ARE MIXED. I only have a lamb curry and a faux Tandoori chicken left on the books, and then we’re into February—which is looking like Dijon Mustard Month since we inherited a huge vat of it from relatives over the hols.

Every day I wish I had time for writing, and every day I’m thwarted. Though sometimes I’m thwarted by my also-compelling desire to sit on the couch watching murder mystery shows with Carl after the kids are asleep, so I can’t say I’m suffering really. I’m just not writing. Anywhere. All day long there are sentences whirring through my head that belong someplace (“I’ve been a lot of different people already… a WASPy suburban kid; a barefoot, haunted girl in the north woods; a fundamentalist teenager; a talented student, hampered by timidity and lack of focus; a stay-at-home drifter; a full-time writer; a mother of small children…”) and AGH! Why do I not have time to run these thoughts? They might go somewhere!

And that’s Carl through the door from a late shoot, asking if I’m booking our hotel for a trip next month and do I want to watch the next episode of our current murder obsession tonight, which DON’T MIND IF I DO, so that’s it for tonight, friends.


2 thoughts on “3/52: Zentangle Owl

  1. Twit twooo! Love this owl. I think Iris would like to have a go a zentangling (is it a verb?!) I must show it to her, she is really into arts and crafts at the moment. It reminds me of a blackwork owl I stitched a while ago. I don’t think I can attach photos here to show it off to you. :0( I don’t mind admitting that we (well, I) have an owl obsession in this household. Closely followed by a love of giraffes.
    Murder obsession? Like ‘Murder She Wrote’ or more ‘Criminal Minds’??? ;0)

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