1/52: Brave


And just like that the new year is roaring along and my second ever watercolor is done. Whew!

One of the books I am forever thinking about writing and never quite getting to is a children’s fantasy book about a girl who lives, for no particular reason, in a sandy hole in the woods with a family of foxes. In my head it’s a delightful book along the lines of The Wind in the Willows, but since it’s been in my head for 10 years and no closer to manuscript form I decided to give Brave, my favorite of the family, an outing here. May he someday have a speaking role.

I’ve been MIA on the blog a lot lately… Mostly because I can’t find time but also because I haven’t quite decided how I want to use it this year. I’ve never really tried to create readership or monetize or anything serious like that. To me it’s a lot like an empty room in the house, and if I don’t set it up to some purpose — 365 project or writing practice or parenting scrapbook (office or tv den or bedroom, if we’re still on that metaphor) — then it tends to sit empty and awkward.

I am doing another 365 challenge this year, on my iPhone this time. But I know I don’t have the wherewithal to write about the pictures too. Mostly I’m trying to work on composition and editing, so a blog seems like a random place to store them.

I’m doing a (low maintenance) cooking challenge this year too. Themes for the month and that kind of thing. January is Indian exploration month, and I’m doing to try a few butter chicken and lamb curry recipes. Would love to have an Indian meal or two in steady rotation. I do love the flavors.

But writing about all this would eat up all my writing time, and I do so want to dive back into my fictional stuff this year.

We’ll see. I’ve kept one blog or another for upwards of 13 years, so I highly doubt the habit will dry up. Maybe a weekly post on the creativity project? Will find the right groove eventually, but in the mean time my babies are asleep, it’s January, and I have haystack of food/travel/garden books to look at.

Happy 2014, everyone!


2 thoughts on “1/52: Brave

  1. Wow! I really like your fox! You must have Dad’s artistic gene. 🙂 Hope your fox speaks someday. Maybe having Iris entering the world of reading and fiction will inspire Brave to speak up! XOXOXO

  2. What a wonderful sounding world! I hope you do it!!!! Your watercolors amaze me. And I’m not being trite or cheap. There is something wonderful and restrained about your vivid simplicity, I so easily overwork things.

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