Dr. Iris

IMG_2979Poor soul. She was due for a double dose of immunizations on Monday, and it was tough. She’s old enough to know exactly what goes down at the doctor’s office, but I have to tell you, she was pretty brave. I was pretty proud.

A couple of days later she trotted off to play by herself and after it started to feel like a long time, I went upstairs to check on her.

And there she was, sitting in bed, sticking a crayon “shot” into George’s thigh and then covering the spot with a sticker. I’ve been finding stickers on all her stuffed animals… and Oliver… and sometimes when I overhear her playing there is a quiet but definite “ow!”

So cute and interesting to see her play starting to take on story lines, rehearsing past and trying out futures. I think I’m going to love this stage.



2 thoughts on “Dr. Iris

  1. Giles has just started pretend too. I am enchanted. The first time I noticed was when he was crawling around suddenly which seemed regressive, then he stopped by my chair and said, “Wuh wuh!!!” SO of course…I petted him. 🙂

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