Cah-Coh, or: Iris, Lately

IMG_2698I’ve been dithering over this one for months, but I think I’m ready to call it officially. I mean, she’s been able to say words for a long time. And probably the first word she said really clearly was “duck” way back last spring. But this is different. This isn’t just saying something to get a round of applause, a by rote parrot type of situation.

This is serious business. This is a sly glint to her eye as she sidles up to one of us and offers a suggestive, “Cah-coh?”


Also known as a vehicle for whipped topping. Iris loves her whipped topping as much now as she did when she first discovered it on her pancakes last winter. Let’s just say if she had made a list of Thankful things this weekend, that would be near the top.

Anywho. I’ve been away from the blog for a couple of weeks now and figured it would be easier to just collect all the Iris ones in one spot with a little mini update on her latest and greatest doings.

IMG_2708We don’t get to Art Time every day, but she’s still enthusiastic about any form of drawing, coloring, or painting. To make it more interesting, I try to come up with different themes and color combinations. We drew birds the day we put up the bird feeder for the winter, Christmas trees shortly after our tree went up, and fish the day we watched part of Nemo.

It’s fun to have something to talk about while we’re coloring.

IMG_2971Craft Time is even more hit or miss, but as you can probably surmise: Iris is also a fan. One of my goals for this winter is to come up with a big list of simple crafts we can do together. Independent play is super important to me (probably because I know how much my own independent play as a kid fed into my writing and creative interests), but I already expect Iris to entertain herself a lot during the day while I’m taking care of Ollie or cleaning or (gasp) reading a book. More structure and one-on-one time would be a nice change for both of us.

Playing “preschool teacher” is probably as much fun for me as “pretend preschool” is for Iris. We’re having fun.

Speaking of fun, we also had our first snowfall last week.

IMG_2946It’s hard to know for sure, but I don’t think Iris had any memory of snow. She was quite curious about it and VERY disappointed when it melted over the next day or two.

And she didn’t realize it was cold.

This is her “realizing” face. 🙂

IMG_2936Cute, curious, chocolate-faced girl.




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