2/52: Scraps

IMG_2217So… it’s not quite complete. I still need to add some journaling (it’s actually a two page spread about her middle name for the baby book). But I did something, and it felt good.

It’s been a tough week—nothing crazy, just a lot of rough edges. It helps that Iris is cute. It helps that Carl keeps up with a lot of the cleaning and dishes. It helps to have a Jane Kenyon omnibus on hand (fifty pages of which—FIFTY—I read while sitting under a paper sheet on an exam table at my doctor’s office on Monday. Boo).

Am still trying to find more focus for the year. It’s tempting in the middle of a Kenyon binge to stick with poetry for a while (funny how everything sounds like a great subject for a poem when you’re reading one of the effortless greats). The truth is that poetry’s not a particularly comfortable space for me. I like writing it, but I never really feel like I know what I’m doing. I don’t trust my sense of what’s good and what’s not; revision is always a nightmare. But it would be hard to do something consistently and attentively for months and not get better at it, right?

And how great to have a poetry collection for the year. A time capsule of poetry!

On the other hand…. agh.

And this is the evening Carl and I keep looking at each other and saying, “only one more day as a family of three!” Which is both lovely and terrifying. I will be 41 weeks tomorrow, and I’m scheduled to be induced on Thursday. Maybe the baby will be my art project this week.

I did sort of make him, right?


2 thoughts on “2/52: Scraps

  1. Yes! I think Mr. J Junior would make a great art project for the week! Only one more night and Dad and I will be with you three/four (hopefully 4 by the time we get there)! We’re praying for you. BTW, I often resorted to hiku and other types of poetry when you kids were little, because you can think about them for a long time, but they don’t usually take too long to write…or you can write in bits and pieces after nursing the baby or whatever. I am a fan of the poem you wrote a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was beautiful.

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