IMG_2187You have heard it said that necessity is the mother of invention, but I’m telling you: motherhood necessitates invention too. Her free Kroger balloon from yesterday had lost its floating powers today, so I taped it to the fan and turned the fan on its lowest setting.


It whirled and twirled and was thrillingly bouncy. 20 minutes down… 7 hours and 40 minutes to go.

Today was not my finest day of parenting for sure, although Iris didn’t seem to mind the extra helping of cartoons or the fact that I dozed on the couch next to her through them. I told Carl last night that, my due date officially past, I reserve the right to hate everyone and everything from now until Thursday when my induction is scheduled. He asked me how that was different from a normal week, and I guess maybe I’m not quite as gone as I feared because I did actually laugh. Maybe because Carl is the one who will turn on America’s Got Talent or American Idol for 5 minutes and then ask absently, why do I hate everyone?

We have become grouchy, 30-something parents.

At least in the middle of a craptacular day, there are moments of deep bonding when the balloon REFUSES to be caught and in fact is almost taunting in its flight, and the toddler gives you a perfect WTH face.

My feeling exactly.



3 thoughts on “Invention

    • Thanks. If you pass it on, though, I would stress that we used a TINY piece of tape (so it would just detach if it ever got caught on any part of her) and I never left the room while the fan was on. It felt safe under those circumstances, but I actually debated posting these pictures because it could be dangerous if the string was attached too tightly… or was long enough to get caught around the kid’s neck… or if the kid wasn’t supervised.

      Now that I think about it, it would probably work just as well and be safer to tie it to a box or table fan. Will have to try that next time.

      • Hi Dear, Okay, Thanks. I’ll wait for further thoughts before sharing it as a great trick. I did wonder about safety issues with a fan. XO

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