350/365: Her Skills Are Complete

IMG_2088Iris is a stacking jedi.

A few days ago, I came downstairs to find her beloved stacking cups organized by color (an orange tower and a blue tower, to be precise), and today she pulled out a bunch of canisters from the baking cabinet and stacked them while I made cookies. (She wanted me to join her part way through, so I helped her with the stacking cup towers on the left, but the right two are 100% hers).

My work output is slightly less distinguished these days, although I did mop the kitchen and pack my bag for the hospital today. My more experienced friends tell me it’s normal to have a lot more warm-up contractions the second time around, but that doesn’t make it suck less. I feel like I’m living in some sort of early labor twilight zone. I have lots of little contractions all the time—a couple every hour—and then a few times every day I get the really serious, painful ones too. Fantastic.

The energy bubble has also burst.

We’ve been watching a lot of Curious George cartoons and hanging out in our fan fort. (Best Pinterest pin ever BTW: I bring the fan to our bed and hold one side of the top sheet over it so the sheet bubbles right up and creates the perfect, sheety hideout. Iris LOVES it. She loves playing inside the fort, and she loves jumping on it from the outside too. And I get to just lay on the bed with a fan blowing on me, so basically the best game ever).

I guess there are worse ways to spend the last days of August.



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