347/365: Building Blocks

IMG_2019We are finally, two years after moving in, finding a decorative scheme for our bedroom. Carl put up two shelves last week (our first anything on the walls in there), and when we were in GR visiting family over the hols we spent an afternoon doing some serious antiquing to see if we could find just the right pieces to fill in the gaps on the shelves. Carl found a 1950s camera, and I fell in love with this block.

It’s funny the things you love at first sight.

I love the way the paint has worn off all the edges. I love the scars and nicks. I love that it’s a C (there were no other blocks from the set for sale. Just the C). And I love the color.

I also bought a set of four bowls, bright yellow with just a hint of orange for depth. And suddenly I have the whole color scheme for the room finalized in my mind. We knew we needed an accent color. Something bold (because everything we buy is straight and understated and most of the walls are gray). Yellow is perfect. Now all we need are throw pillows with a punchy yellow somewhere in the pattern and some sort of art print for the remaining wall.

Feels good to finally have a plan.

And an outlet for all this nesting energy. Yesterday I spent the afternoon scrubbing all the grout in the bathroom tile with a toothbrush. I would take a shopping project over a toothbrush project ANY DAY.

(Finally, because she’s cute:)

IMG_2036It kind of blows me away that there is going to be a day when I think there’s another face JUST AS CUTE as this one, but I hear that happens when #2 actually appears. Life be cray.


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