325/365: Blurred

IMG_1871 copyThis is what most of my pictures look like these days: Iris scrambling out of/away from whatever cute thing she had been doing, eager to grab the camera and see what fantastic things might be displayed on the screen, what buttons she might manage to push…

Life—and a certain toddler—is a moving target.

And as July closes with only a 2,000 word dent in the manuscript, I’ll concede the same for trying to write fiction in the third trimester of a busy pregnancy. I was pretty disappointed for a couple of weeks in there, but I’m ok now. Making people takes a lot of time and energy too. And to be fair, there are lots of other, smaller tasks that seem appealing these days. Been organizing baby clothes and making to-do lists. Been cleaning (because I will not be cleaning again until Christmas). Been pinning encouraging things to my post-pregnancy board on Pinterest. Been lying on a blanket in the backyard while Iris plays.

Happiness is learning to roll with it.


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