320/365: {Sand} Bucket List


Playing at the splash park is hard work

Am dragging a bit today. Iris woke up at 2 and 3am and couldn’t fall back to sleep… leading to a major freak out that lasted until about 4:30am.

To cheer myself up then, I spent the morning nap time revisiting our summer bucket list, both to see if I could find some ideas for August and to give myself credit for all the fun things we’ve already done. There are also lots of great lists floating around online to get the juices flowing. Here’s what I ended up with. The items in bold are things we haven’t tackled yet.

Our {Sand} Bucket List


  1. Eat popsicles on the back porch
  2. Do more gardening (our first year with edibles!)
  3. Go to the beach (hard to find a beach worth visiting on the southeastern side of Michigan).
  4. Go to the zoo (petting zoos totally count)
  5. Get ice cream (pretty much every week…)
  6. Run through the sprinkler on a hot day
  7. Watch a rainstorm roll in; play in the puddles
  8. Make lemonade (still need to do this! Been meaning to try watermelon lemonade all summer)
  9. Make iced coffee (we’re getting pretty good!)
  10. Go on a road trip (or not. 1.5 yr olds are not awesome at road trips)
  11. Have a BBQ and invite friends (wait. Would we have to clean the house to do this?)
  12. Watch fireworks, light sparklers (yeah, we kind of missed that window)
  13. Go to the farmer’s market
  14. Pick fruit (cherries in Grand Rapids; strawberries and black raspberries in our yard)
  15. Enjoy the fireflies
  16. Make s’mores around a campfire
  17. Draw pictures with sidewalk chalk
  18. Go fishing (also not toddler friendly)
  19. Play a summer sport: baseball, tennis, volleyball. (Or be pregnant. Should’ve put that on the list)
  20. Go for a boat ride
  21. Read a fluffy book, purely for fun
  22. Float on a lake/river in an inner tube
  23. Play miniature golf
  24. Go to an outdoor concert (they have these every Friday night in Plymouth… but I’ve still never gone)
  25. Go to a street or county fair (Carl and Iris went to the Plymouth art fair. Close enough)
  26. Go on a picnic (but we could do more!)
  27. Fly a kite (kind of have to have one to fly one…)
  28. Go on a nature hike (more!)
  29. Go to the (children’s) museum (planning to do this during Carl’s August vacay)
  30. Visit an aquarium (this sounded so fun, but I don’t even know if we have one close to us. Must research)
  31. Go camping (see: Or Be Pregnant)
  32. Have a dance party (Iris loves these)
  33. Make a summer photo collage (yes! although I’m happy having tons of random snaps of Iris, a little photo inspiration wouldn’t hurt in the skill-building department)
  34. Explore some new parks
  35. Go star-gazing (this requires being awake and functioning after nightfall, so probably not this year)
  36. Eat on the patio
  37. Go to a water park (we’ve done the sprinkler park a bunch of times, but I’m still hoping to hit one of the bigger ones with pools and lazy rivers)
  38. Lay out in the sun (this is one of those things that sounds nice when it’s 40 degrees out but significantly less exciting when it’s 95. Or you’re pregnant)
  39. Do some house projects (I got Iris out of the house for a couple of days so Carl could finally paint the ceiling; bought houseplants; rearranged some furniture and bought decorative stuff)
  40. Try some new summery recipes (lots of types of salad, and the chicken lettuce wraps were a big success)

IMG_1824More adventures, please. August awaits!



3 thoughts on “320/365: {Sand} Bucket List

  1. Love your list! The star gazing is great from the end of our dock if it’s clear out when you come…and pretty much no bugs. Can I have your recipe for lettuce wraps? I keep meaning to find a good recipe…

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