316/365: Domino’s Petting Farm

IMG_1792 copyOh, we’re big time explorers now. A new park yesterday and a petting farm today. What will we think of next? (A water park. That’s the correct answer. I found a local water park this morning while I was hunting online for fun summer activities—has a swimming pool, lazy river, and splash pads for toddlers. It’s not free like our even-more-local sprinkler park, but for $20 it sounds like a nice, full day for the fam. Am hoping to give it a try some hot Monday in August).

Iris enjoyed the petting farm quite a bit, although she was pretty startled by the sheep that let out a crazy-loud baa twelve inches from her face. The chickens and bunnies were more her speed. And if we’re being TOTALLY honest, the spaghetti lunch we enjoyed afterward at a nearby coney was probably her favorite part of the outing.

But it was another good day, and we even managed to squeeze in a few projects and Useful Things too. Carl put up some hooks in the bathroom so we finally have enough places to hang our bath towels. We pulled some weeds and came closer than usual to being caught up with the dishes. I went grocery shopping—and discovered I must be getting nearer to the end of this pregnancy than previously thought. Was supposed to pick up a pack of diapers for Iris and ended up getting not only the diapers for Iris but a ginormous box of newborn Pampers Swaddlers (after comparison shopping of ALL brands that carry newborn diapers, naturally. We use off-brands and cheaper brands for Iris now that we know she doesn’t have sensitive skin and are familiar with her usual program in the elimination department, but somebody bought us a bunch of Pampers Swaddlers when Iris was born, and I LOVED having the dye line that let me know as soon as she was wet. When everything else is chaos, there’s a certain—possibly irrelevant but nevertheless a—comfort in knowing you have the BMW of diapers). Anyway. Yes. A huge box of newborn diapers, some diaper rash cream, and then I spent ten minutes browsing all the other infant potions and lotions because, yeah, NESTING.


I may also have a partially completed document on my computer labeled “The Care & Feeding of Iris” for my friend who has (amazingly) volunteered to call in to work whenever I happen to go into labor so she can watch Iris for us. (If I have learned anything about friends in my life it’s that you don’t need a lot of friends. You just need awesome ones).


That was pretty much our day. Now it’s just me, up editing photos while Carl’s off at a game night with friends, thinking about maybe some blueberries and cream before calling it a night.

Here are some other snaps from our morning adventure. The last photo is Carl’s handiwork.

IMG_1783 IMG_1800 IMG_1803



2 thoughts on “316/365: Domino’s Petting Farm

  1. Do you remember going to Dominoes Farm when you were little? The miniature horses were your favorite, if I remember right. Do they still have them? Love the pictures. And, I agree with Carlie. It’s not irrelevant at all to have good diapers. I struggled with cloth until Aunt Jan bought me a month supply when you were born. It was THE END of cloth and the beginning of a new and wonderful era in Diapydom!! They didn’t have the fancy kind to let you know when they were wet, but I still thought they were a mother’s best-friendly invention!

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