315/365: New Places!



After a week of rough nights, hollow coughs, and too-humid-to-breathe forecasts we finally had one of those perfect summer days you dream about all year. We had our usual Sunday morning jaunt to Tim Horton’s for coffee and breakfast sammies, church was really good today, Iris was ECSTATIC about our trip to Ikea, Carl mowed the front yard while Iris and I played in the sprinkler out back, we ALL had a long nap, and after dinner we hit up our local drive through ice cream shop and


There’s a nice play area with slides, swingy bridges, swings, and tunnels for crawling through, but the really exciting part is a rutted dirt road that runs along a creek in the woods. My parents took us to plenty of parks when we were little, but we always seemed to live on or near forests and marshy lakes full of mosquitos and mud. Finding a little footpath down to the water, scouting out a pebbly spot of riverbank all our own, stripping off Iris’s onesie and splashing around in the pulling, sun-warm current—it felt like old times, it felt like new times, it just felt good.

Such a good day.


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