314/365: Shoes!

IMG_1763She’s been asking to wear my flipflops for DAYS. I will put her feet in them carefully so the toes catch on the strap, and then she will shuffle around looking pleased. For about two minutes until she gets tripped up or they fall off.

Today she decided to go even bigger. She wanted Carl’s gardening shoes. And for having feet at least ten times too small, she did pretty well!

Carl and I, still eating breakfast, just kind of looked at each other. At 5’3 I’m pretty sure Iris will be taller than me someday. I am short, and Carl is about average, but we both have tall genes in our families.

But we’d never thought about Little Man before, and it was funny to think that somebody who can’t even breathe on his own yet has a good chance of being taller than Carl someday with big, teenaged feet and lanky limbs.

I’m not saying I want them to grow up any faster.

But it is strange to think about.



5 thoughts on “314/365: Shoes!

  1. I’m so pleased I found your blog! :0) I also have a daughter called Iris, am 5’3″ (though used to be 5’4″ pre pregnancy) and expecting another ‘munchkin’ in Early November! You must tell me what names you are thinking of as husband and I are struggling and you and I obviously have similar taste! ;0) girls names – we have a list a mile long…boys names – nada, zilch.

    • Congrats on your coming munchkin! What a funny set of similarities we’ve got going. We’re also really struggling with boy names, although we seem to keep finding names that start with vowels, so maybe that’s going to be our naming trend? I was team Alistair for a long time, but since “Alice” is a trending girl name and a sort of unfortunate but unavoidably bullying nickname, I’ve pretty much moved on at this point. Carl really likes Owen. In short: we’re totally stuck.

      • Love Owen! And I kind of like ‘Ali’ as a shortened version of Alistair, but it does sound rather feminine. We had almost decided on Alexander, with Alec, not Alex, for short. I’ve got a strong suspicion that William & Kate will choose Alexander for their newborn, which means it will go top 10 for sure. Definitely not what I want. :0( We already have a son called Isaac so everyone assumes we will go for another ‘I’. But boys names beginning with I??? Well, the list is a bit limited! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Your little Iris is gorgeous.

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