292/365: Red, White, & Blue Week

IMG_1634Well, it’s our last family day off before the hols. Iris and I are headed up to GRaps in a few days to spend some time with my side and pretend we’re up north, cabining and canoeing like real Michiganders. Carl has to work unfortunately—although in news of the super-happy, he just hit the five year mark at work a couple of months ago and gets an extra week of vacation per year starting now.

He will also finally be able to paint the main floor ceiling, which has BADLY needed a coat since we moved in… of course, it’s hard to find low-odor ceiling paint, so between Iris being tiny and me being pregnant and the weather being either too hot or too cold for decent ventilation, it’s been sort of impossible to find a time to get that done.

I would feel badly about leaving him to his labors if I didn’t also know that he will get to sleep without interruption ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT and will not (as cute as it is) have to wake up between 5:30-6:30am to a paci-faced alarm clock of determined vim.

Life is what it is.



One thought on “292/365: Red, White, & Blue Week

  1. We’re ready for her (and you, too, of course, although it doesn’t require umph to be ready for you to visit)!

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