291/365: Season of Berries

IMG_1616 copy

So it begins, another summer of plenty! These black raspberries were picked 15 minutes before the snap in our backyard, down on the lower terrace by a crumbling, sunbaked wall. I knew there were prickly, berry-like vines back there, but I didn’t know what kind they were (or how productive) since we completely missed them last year due to the heat and general craziness of life. Basically we hired a lawn service and pretended the yard didn’t exist.

But that was 2012. This year we watched the buds appear and the berries grow until today: voila! Sweet, tart, sun-ripened deliciousness. Iris and I picked a bowl of the biggest and best while Carl mowed, and afterward we celebrated together with a big bowl of berries and cream to share.

A very satisfactory day in the yard… Unlike Saturday, when I finally worked up my courage to rip out a huge clump of poison ivy and (of course) ended up getting it all over me. Ugh. This is after I spent a week in early June getting over my first tangle with the beast. On the bright side, I think we’re mostly in the clear now.

It is awful stuff.

IMG_1630 copy IMG_1621


4 thoughts on “291/365: Season of Berries

  1. Sorry about the poison ivy. I remember when you were little and used to run through it bare foot. I’d fuss, but you seemed immune. When did that change? Love Carl’s expression above!

    • Much better! He can do daily activities (walking, stairs, etc) without any problems, although his ankle is a bit stiff in the mornings and walking more than a few miles is hard. No jogging or athletic movement yet… And that’s disappointing to him. It takes a long time!

  2. LOVE the berries! We planted black raspberries here and this year we finally got a decent harvest. So exciting that you had them all volunteering to bear like crazy in your yard without trying. They look delicious.

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