274/365: Eleven O’Clock, June 13

IMG_1515My life isn’t always idyllic, but when it is I quick take a photo to prove it on social media.

I kid.

Actually, I was just complaining yesterday to Carl about this girl I know who has been Instagramming like every hour for the last two days about her two-day, kid-free super fabulous getaway with her husband. The first time she posted I actually though, oh, how nice for them! But that was before the “here we are getting a couple’s massage,” “#out for #dinner with my #handsome #husband,” and “LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH HIM” in the space of a single afternoon.


So please know that the missing week between this post and the last one mostly involved catching colds, falling behind with work, and using all my manipulative energy to get Iris to nap in such a time and place that I could also nap. It’s cool. We’re doing fine. And today we even had 20 golden minutes where Iris played contentedly while I read a book.

I’ll take it.



2 thoughts on “274/365: Eleven O’Clock, June 13

  1. I love you! Thanks for living in the real world and taking it! It isn’t all great, but it’s all real, and a lot of it is good!

  2. Social media is a strange, strange world. I’m still not sure what I think about it. I don’t want to be all glowy all the time because it’s ultra-fake. On the other hand, can I really post as my status, “Took all six kids to the doctor for the two littlest ones’ check-ups, and when we got there, sure enough, the two-year-old didn’t have shoes.”? I mean, isn’t that just asking random people who barely know me to raise eyebrows at me? Blog posts feel different, although there are certainly a few judgey souls out there who love to leave encouraging comments about how it’s all my fault, but I feel like I have more of a chance to explain myself in 1500 words rather than 25. So, I mostly just repost other people’s stuff and feel lame.

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