266/365: Useful Phrases

IMG_1460Things Iris Understands

Stir Stir: She loves to help mix things; she wishes she could cook on the stove top; she is excited when I turn the oven light on so she can see what’s cooking inside.

Outside: Her favorite place when she’s not sleepy.

Snuggle with the Mama?: This is what I ask when she’s getting cranky and I’m out of ideas. Or just feeling lazy. She almost always nods her head and holds out her arms to be picked up.

Push the Button: Iris loves to push the buttons on the washer and dryer.

Bombs Away: I started saying this after diaper changes when she was 8 or 9 months and wanted to help throw away her dirty diaper. We would stand over the trash and when she dropped it, I would say “bombs away!” Of course, now she just thinks that’s what you say when you want something thrown away. I can tell her to put something in the trash and it might end up there, but if I’m serious about it I tell her “This one goes bombs away” and she’ll trot off to the trash can with it.

Boop: As in “I’mma boop you” and “you’ve been booped.” A playful shove, usually when she’s running around on the bed like a crazy person, just begging to be booped into a pile of blankets.

You Better Run: An invitation to play. Sometimes I whisper this to her when she’s sitting on my lap to see how sleepy she actually is. She’ll either shake her head or give a sneaky smile and squirm off my lap to go running to either the gold chair or the bed, looking over her shoulder on the way to make sure I’m giving chase in a timely manner. She has to be in the right mood to be ticklish, but when she is she’s VERY ticklish.

She’s also adding lots of little words every week to her understood vocabulary (nothing spoken yet, unless you count “Mamamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” which means, as near as I can tell, “Please come and fix this thing that’s bothering me or maybe just pick me up and I’m kind of mad I don’t have a snack right now”). Among other words, she now knows: Pooh, nose, eyes, hair, ears, belly, d-bag (diaper), dessert, dog (she does actually try to say dog), baby, stroller, shoes, dance, STOMP (she loves to stomp), book, bath, upstairs, downstairs, and NO, THANK YOU. Although “no, thank you” is not a concept that meets with much enthusiasm.

Lots of learning, lots of fun.




3 thoughts on “266/365: Useful Phrases

  1. Whew! Lots of pix of Iris today. 🙂 Dad very playfully but pointedly complained, “But there were no pictures of IRIS!” with your last post. We’re entirely dependent on getting our happy baby fixes this way! XOXO

  2. So fun! I love watching language skills emerge. It’s kind of magical that we humans can communicate such complex information with such a few sounds all put together in interesting ways and even more magical that children just figure it out after a year or so of listening.

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