259/365: Sigh

IMG_1406 copyThe irises in the front yard are blooming, Iris’s fever is mostly over, we celebrated Little Man’s day of viability (only 16 weeks to go!), Carl filmed a music video for a client, I hit my word count goal for May, and then I made a grave mistake:

I tried to write a post about cultural female narratives vs. actual experience and motherhood and crap, which obviously takes longer than splashing up a few pictures and anecdotes about the Cute Ones. Also kind of fun for the mulling part of my brain, possibly explaining why I was only half done when Iris woke up from her nap and since she’s been running 100-101 fever for the last couple of days she wasn’t exactly chipper on the post side.

So now I have a half finished draft of a post I’m not sure will ever get finished because I’m due to start chapter 4 today and I really don’t want to mess with something that’s going so well.

Seems like no matter what speed you live at, life is always too busy. I mean, I was eating cookies and watching Mad Men in bed with Iris at eleven in the morning yesterday, so it’s not like my life is lived at breakneck speed, but STILL.

Sustained concentration is tough, yo.

Which is why today you just get flowers. Gorgeous, shameless, vivacious flowers. Happy Thursday, everybody.

IMG_1411 copy


4 thoughts on “259/365: Sigh

  1. I also have irises in my garden. The blue ones are my favorites. I want to plant lots more. Hope ch.4 goes well today.

  2. Your irises are beautiful. Some day you’ll have a fab book of essays and can include the posts that you couldn’t finish in the midst of all you’re doing now!

  3. Wow to those irises! What big bunches of them! Hang in…save the post and come back to it. Sustaining is hard but a very worthy challenge.

  4. Gorgeous flowers! I’ve been learning that sometimes with children you have to stop in the middle of things and pick them up later. I HATE stopping. I have completion compulsion. But I (and the children) are much happier when I get into a mindset of fits and starts even on things I “should” be able to do all in one sitting.

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