252/365: Books!

IMG_1382 copyDeep sigh.

Iris is in bed, and Carl is zipping home from a 3 day conference in Chicago. Besides a cold picked up at a McDonald’s playland and a surprising lack of sleep (turns out neither of us sleep well without Carl in the house), I think Iris and I have done pretty well for ourselves.

I snapped the photo at top while waiting in the drive through at Tim Horton’s this morning. Iris is finally starting to get into books, and it’s so fun to glance in the rear-view mirror and see her studiously pointing out interesting objects and turning pages. We celebrated her new interest by buying a Sense and Sensibility board book (all about opposites, naturally) and one of those lift-the-flap-and-find-the-puppy books. She likes the puppy book better, but I sneak in the S & S one too.

She also requests Goodnight Moon every night before bed. We used to read a random book off the shelf, but she seems to like Goodnight Moon best.

I had been hoping to have a really great 3 days of writing in the evenings while Carl was gone, but the best laid plans have a way of turning to crap. Or whatever Burns said. As I said before, Iris kind of went bonkers at bed time the first two nights, so by the time she was finally asleep I was mostly past the creative window and in the compulsively-eating-watermelon-while-staring-at-the-wall free fall. Fortunately, Carl is kind of awesome and booked our babysitter for the last evening so I could get out and have some time to myself. Writing doesn’t cure everything, but it’s good for pretty much all of my usual complaints.

I feel fantastic.

Also fantastic: coming home to a freshly bathed toddler in pjs, eager to snuggle, ready for sleep. I don’t know what heaven smells like, but Johnson’s baby shampoo is my best guess.

IMG_1398 copy


One thought on “252/365: Books!

  1. Isn’t it so much fun finding out what your child’s book interests are? I LOVE it when they start showing preferences for certain books. It’s such a fun new window into their personalities. And how totally cool of Carl to give you a night off at the end of your single parenting marathon!

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