146/365: Ambition

IMG_1283Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. After an extremely successful and productive day yesterday, I thought to myself: woot. We are awesome. All we need to do is cut out the morning nap (makes her afternoon nap too late and unpredictable), and we are all set for permanent residence in Awesomeville.

Oh, and I am drinking too much caffeine. I should probably stop that.

Promptly at 9:00am, with Carl out the door to work and me just thinking to start one of the ambitious household projects with which I was going to interest Iris SO MUCH she would forget about nap time, Iris started to fuss. She was not interested in cleaning out the front closet to prepare for a fresh coat of paint, and frankly I wasn’t either. I was EXHAUSTED. Who knew that life without caffeine was so tiring?

New plan: we would snuggle on the couch. Maybe I would read a book while she regained her good humor. After all, not every day can be full of accomplishment.

We were both asleep in ten minutes.

45 minutes later, I woke up to Iris starting to do her pre-waking squirms. Well, not too bad, I thought. At least it was a short nap, early in the day. And I feel human again, which is nice. Iris stretched out her legs—eyes still closed, of course—and started to climb off the couch. That’s as far as she got.

It’s almost 11:30, and she’s still asleep.

As for me, I am amending my parental insight folder. In place of yesterday’s memo, we are filing one that simply reads: COFFEE WITHOUT SHAME, FOREVER.

If I don’t see the Big Nap coming, it’s half over before I even get the laptop open (to say nothing of keeping my eyes open). In other words: coffee is a vital crew member of this team. We will not be firing coffee. We will be keeping coffee, writing our novel, and renewing peace with the fact that I still haven’t figured out how to predict or influence Iris’s nap times all that much.





4 thoughts on “146/365: Ambition

  1. All about the coffee without shame. I never used it to wake me up but found that the days when I drank it first thing in the morning were definitely more productive than the days without. Now I can’t risk a coffee-less morning.

  2. Hey, at least coffee is all natural and full of anti-oxidants and whatnot. Unlike coke slushies, my favorite crutch and the current scapegoat of all of America’s health problems (well, pop anyway). So, yeah, without shame, forever.

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