240/365: First Fruits

IMG_1243“Oh, we’re real gardeners now!” I said, popping off the ONLY strawberry that—at one inch long or less—was actually ripe enough to give to my pressure. Whatever. We shared it, and it was delicious. Far sweeter than anything you can get at a grocery store.

And it came out of our dirt.

Pretty great stuff.

Although I’m thinking that if I actually want to make my vision of a whole BOWL of strawberries on the back porch a reality I may need to plant more than 3 rows. Like maybe 10 rows. Plans for next year, I guess.



One thought on “240/365: First Fruits

  1. No way! How do you have strawberries already? I only have blossoms. But, on a slightly different note, strawberries multiply like you would not believe. You will have all the strawberries you want in a couple of years. Just keep letting your runners spread.

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