233/365: Blooming


The weeping cherry is in bloom, and we are in the middle of a busy weekend for family visits. Carl’s sister is in town; his dad is supposed to drive up tonight and stay with us; his mom may or may not be around tomorrow. My brother had a last-minute business trip to Ann Arbor over the weekend, and my parents decided to drive up from Grand Rapids to see him while he’s in the state—so I’m having them over for brunch tomorrow while Carl does a freelance shoot in Detroit somewhere.

On paper, it all works out anyway.

Today, however, was much less busy since Carl had a normal work day and our car is in for repairs, leaving me somewhere between stranded and secretly pleased to have such an easy day in the middle of all the coming and going and cleaning the bathroom.

We watered the garden and ran around the yard. We piled ALL of Iris’s nursery books in bed and looked at pictures. We went to the park and waved at dogs. And then Iris took an epic 2+ hour nap while I wrote and worked on photo projects.

All told I’m calling it a huge success.

And the cherry tree continues to be gorgeous.

IMG_1095 IMG_1097 copy


One thought on “233/365: Blooming

  1. Thanks for a grand day and a great brunch! Your weeping cherry is just glorious! Our cherry trees are all abloom, but I think your pink weeper is more exquisitely graceful! XOXOXO

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