226/365: Family & Yard Work

IMG_0990 copy

Well, we finally got a lawnmower—a sturdy hand-me-down from my folks to tide us over for a few years until we feel the need for bigger and better. We had been planning to buy one last year, but Carl’s accident made a lawn service kind of a no-brainer for us then, and with a sharpened blade, this one works just fine.

Iris is a bit in love with it.

Joel and Steve were up for the weekend (Joel stayed a few extra days for a marathon of yard work, puzzle-building, and Broadchurch) and my folks were in town on Saturday, so there was no shortage of family. The snap above is from Saturday morning when Joel unloaded the lawn mower. Iris loves to try to pick up the largest and most awkward objects possible (laundry baskets, enormous couch pillows, unwary dogs), but as soon as she understood the mower was to be pushed she was all over it. On a smooth surface she can actually make it go pretty well. Later that weekend, while Carl and Joel screwed together the framework for my raised garden bed, I helped Iris push the mower back and forth across the back lawn, stopping now and then to pick dandelion heads and deposit them in a neat pile on top of the mower’s gas tank.

She really likes the mower. I’m not sure how she’ll feel once she learns that it turns ON and is LOUD, but we’ll see.


Sliding with Grandpa!


Iris and her adoring courtiers. An excellent Saturday


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