This is just to say…

I am well (despite a cold)! I am thriving! I am happy!

I am also still trying to take pictures, but Iris is a full-time gig, being pregnant is a part-time one… and so is working on my book, getting back on a cleaning schedule, working in the garden, trying to maintain a few key friendships and the sanity that goes along with them.

Honestly, I get so little uninterrupted time with the laptop I basically had to choose between my book or my blog. And if you love me, you know I made the right choice.

The word count is growing again.

And I promise there WILL be pictures again. Someday.


3 thoughts on “This is just to say…

  1. Glad you know you’re thriving, and I think book trumps blog when you have the extended time to concentrate! All forms of writing and sharing are good…but I think each has a time and place! After Baby 2 comes, you won’t have much time to concentrate on your book for a while, so now’s a great time to whale! XOXO

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