210/365: Konfidential

IMG_0941I don’t talk about this on my blog much, but if you know me very well in person then you know I have a thing about the Kardashians. I sort of love them, and not for any really wonderful or defensible reason. I just do. And if you don’t, that’s fine too.

I’m not very missional about it.

But I’m the kind of person who can get so focused on my internal landscape that I actually appreciate the kind of brassy, sugar-high, Beverly Hills materialism that comes with any amount of Kardashian exposure. I find it funny and fascinating, and I am inevitably inspired to clean out my closet and go to the gym and call a friend I haven’t spoken to in way too long. Those are good things. I need memos like that in my life.


My friend stopped by the other day to give me an adorable little man-onesie for the baby… and a book about the Kardashians for me. Because she’s awesome like that.

I read the book in three naps, and I spent the entire day cleaning out my closet, organizing all my maternity clothes, throwing away a bag full of things I should have tossed years ago, and FINALLY unpacking the 3 last boxes in my closet from our move over a year ago. So, in case you’re reading this, Jenn, your gift has already multiplied. (Also I got to text Carl important facts like Kim totally joined Khloe on her honeymoon. Yeah. Enmeshed much? This is so exactly the kind of thing I want to know on a rainy April day). Thanks!!

And Iris spent most of her day trying to figure out how sunglasses work. It took the whole day, honestly, and a few tears, but she finally got it down. What a babe.

IMG_0947 IMG_0950



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