203/365: New Habits

IMG_0903I’m finally getting a little energy back, but I can’t say I’ve been super productive. There has been some cleaning, it’s true. And a lot of organizing of the baby clothes, donating, throwing out. Some lolling in the newfound sunshine.

And a LOT of internet forum surfing.

I joined a birth board last pregnancy, which was nice. I made some friends, and it passed the time. I joined another birth board this time around, but then I started exploring the home site and found that there are all these other wonderful boards. Boards for politics, boards for twins and multiples, boards for relationship advice, and a board all about navigating in-law and family of origin dysfunction.

It’s epic.

Like 10,000x better than reality tv.

Now during slow moments in the backyard or nap time or waiting for the Wings game to end, I check in with my favorite threads to see whether X’s crazy FIL showed up to throw a lawn tantrum when his son refused to be sucked into the ‘but I’m dying of caaaaaaaaaaaaancer, so you haaaaaaaaaave to move back in with your mother and I (and totally not with your fiancee and child)” or to see whether Y ever got her engagement ring back from her MIL who stole it while she was sleeping during a visit recently.

Then there are, of course, the Best Of threads… The best of MIL passive-aggressive barbs being a perennial favorite. I may have contributed.

Of course, those are the funny ones. A lot of them are also sad, marked with things like **TRIGGER** in bold red type to warn sensitive readers that there’s death and abuse and tragedy in there too. I followed one thread recently where the woman was in a classic emotional abuse relationship and kept giving her husband endless chances to randomly start respecting her opinions and feelings. Which, of course, he never did. I watched her get a lot of sympathy at first, then a lot of helpful advice about setting boundaries and figuring out what she really wanted from the relationship… which devolved into warnings to think about the example she was setting by raising her kids in that toxic stew of dysfunction and how at some point one ceases to be a victim and starts being a volunteer. You know what you have to do, however unpleasant or scary it might be. You know. Which eventually lost it’s urgency and turned into GIFs and food talk and nerdy discussions of Dr. Who after the poster stopped checking back. She made her choice. She picked the dysfunction she knew over the future she didn’t.

I’m hooked now.

People are interesting to me. Relationship dynamics are interesting to me. Psychology is interesting to me. It’s like a never-ending buffet of creative energy.

So if you’re chatting to me and I look mildly glazed over, or if you email me and I don’t get back to you right away—yeah, I’m probably checking in on that one thread where the woman’s MIL bit a police officer while trying to forcibly take the DIL’s baby from her.

You know. Important stuff.



2 thoughts on “203/365: New Habits

  1. Velly interesting! If you don’t respond, I’ll wave my hands in front of your eyes like I used to do when the boys were in a video-game trance! 🙂

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