195/365: Reflections

IMG_0816Someday I would like to live in a warm, sunny climate. I’m not saying I would become sparkly-glowy in my regard for my fellow human beings or that I would never have a gloomy day, but I am 100% sure our house would be cleaner.

This morning when I scooped Iris out of her crib and deposited her in bed with us, I unhooked the curtain and saw our first blue sky in weeks.


We did the laundry, swept the floors, took out the trash, folded and put the clothes away, made crock pot mac’n’cheese from scratch, and scrubbed down all the big, ghetto mirrors in the master bedroom.

Iris helped, which was fitting since—apart from the dust—the most notable marks were about 24 inches off the ground and included a collection of very small handprints and a few kiss rings and drool drips.

A good spring cleaning day.

IMG_0828 IMG_0842



2 thoughts on “195/365: Reflections

  1. Ah, be still my heart! Isn’t it fun to have a helper making messes and cleaning them up with you? And ya, the sunshine is terrific! It’s cloudless here and supposed to be 50° by the weekend. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!! Happy spring cleaning. 🙂

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