181/365: Shepherd’s Pie

IMG_0724Well, Carl is officially in Easter crunch time at the church, which means lots of deadlines and a sprinkle of “see you when I see you” days. With impeccable timing, Iris is popping out two more teeth, so our nights have gotten busy again too.

But I am well-stocked with French Revolution history and fiction thanks to our library run over the weekend, and Netflix continues to be a never-ending fount of Barney. So there’s that.

I have been making what turns out to be “cottage pie” and not “shepherd’s pie” for a few months now, after finding the recipe online and thinking—as I usually do—that one dish meals are easier than the alternative. Turns out ground lamb meat is sort of key to the shepherd aspect of the pie. Also it’s more tasty than ground beef, and homemade sauce is tastier than the jarred kind. Yes, it took me a few more minutes to make, but totally worth it.

Nice to have that sorted out.



3 thoughts on “181/365: Shepherd’s Pie

  1. Joel’s shepherd’s pie was super last weekend, although I have to say that your beginnings looks yummy! Joe and I are both hot to talk to you when you get a chance! Want to hear the latest!

  2. I KNOW! Who knew the name thing was dependent on the kind of ground meant??? I was surprised when I found that out. Sounds like a very March dish.

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