176/365: Big Girl Seat

IMG_0717Well, she doesn’t look very thrilled about it here, but trust me: this is a game changer. Iris graduated to a big girl car seat this week. 20 pounds + 1 year old = a whole new world. No more staring at the back seat headrest. Now she can see us sitting up front. Now she can see out the windows. Now she can reach forward and ask for yogi [yogurt] bites and animal crackers like a bona fide toddler.

We took her out for breakfast and dropped Carl off at work for a test run. It was so successful, Iris and I ventured out on our own for fun this afternoon. Barnes and Noble, the grocery store, a quick stop in Office Depot.

Ok, so it wasn’t crazy fun.

But there was zero crying and we bought a new book at B & N. Any day with blues skies, no crying, and a new book is a good day in my world.


2 thoughts on “176/365: Big Girl Seat

  1. Sounds like the beginning of a long shopping friendship! I loved having you shop with me, and I know you’re gonna love having a little shopper helping you out too!

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