• all of my energy and most of my humor
  • a reliable car (in the shop 3 times to the tune of about $1000)
  • a computer (also recently broken)
  • 68,000 hours of sleep
  • 24 days of posts
  • a couple of blizzards
  • a lot of coffee
  • 1 vomit fest

Found on the camera, after we finally (FINALLY!!) got a new laptop and downloaded some pictures:

IMG_0581Climbing in mommy’s clothing drawer (lately she’s taken to just opening it and throwing the clothes everywhere, although yesterday she neatly stuffed some of her clothes inside, so I guess she’s learning it’s where clothes belong?).

IMG_0587Patty-cake with Grandpa and Grandma.

IMG_0590Stylin’ mommy’s Griffins hat.

IMG_0646For the child who recognized the word “chocolate” before the word “mommy” it sort of made sense to serve chocolate cupcakes to celebrate birthday #1. (And yes, we have since rectified the oversight. She added “mommy” and “balloon” to her repertoire of understood words during birthday week).

IMG_0641What a year! What a thoroughly adorable, good-natured, curious, energetic, communicative, sharing, tv-watching and bath-time loving little person. She is helpful and very quick to pick up patterns, gathering the trash with me on Wednesdays and “helping” fold the laundry, pushing buttons, throwing away dirty diapers, and flipping the light switches for me when we leave the room. She is just starting to be interested in books, and she is FASCINATED by other children. Balloons and toys that play music are her favorite things ever, and the singing birthday card from her Aunt Carleen is opened and danced to with great enthusiasm at least 5 times every day.

And—knock on wood—the last two nights she’s gone to bed without a fuss and slept straight through from 8pm until 4:45am.

I could get used to having a 1 year old.


4 thoughts on “[Missing]

  1. So back to have you back online and LOVE the pictures! Can’t wait to see you three. Carlie and kids just scooted out the door. Fun times! 🙂

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