153/365: Carl is 30

IMG_0568So it’s kind of embarrassing that I have no picture of Carl on his momentous 30th, no picture of him opening presents, and no picture of the celebratory peach cobbler. I am lame.

Or possibly less lame since we were busy doing some of the things he likes to do best. Which does not usually include taking grinning pictures of him doing stereotypical things.

My mom came up for the afternoon to watch Iris and wash an insane number of dishes and generally be amazing, while Carl and I headed off for a cosy lunch at one of our favorite Chinese places. Then a little birthday shopping. And a quick ramble through Barnes & Noble… Little things that don’t seem especially significant except we never have time to do them as a couple anymore.

It was a nice birthday, though significantly less horn-blowy than I meant it to be before I remembered how gloomy I feel in the winter (always) and how tired I am (lately).

How fortunate to have married someone who does not require trumpets.

That would get old really fast.



2 thoughts on “153/365: Carl is 30

  1. I took pictures that have Carl in them and am hoping to make a post on “Iris on the Loose” next week if anyone needs to see the man, although you’ve got him on the floor with Iris from just the other day, so that’s pretty much what his handsome self looks like!. Also, I wanted you to know that Dad and I are hoping to stop by tomorrow afternoon!! Three cheers. 🙂

    As for the dishes…you had the house looking lovely when I came and there were only a few left in the bottom of the sink as I recall. I think you’re doing GREAT and may be too hard on yourself!!! Thanks for a truly happy day with your three! XOXOO

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