149/365: Babies Eating Cake

IMG_0547 copy

Look! It’s a baby eating cake!!!

You think I’m kidding, but that’s seriously all I’ve got. This last month has been killing me. She sleeps in segments as short as 15 minutes and as long as 2 and a half hours. I can’t even tell you the last time she slept 4 hours in a row. November? Early December?

My MOPs friends post things on Facebook like: “PLEASE PRAY! This momma needs some sleep! My 3 month old was up THREE TIMES last night!! This cold is no joke!!”

And literally the only response that comes to mind is: “Bitch, please.”

When it comes to Facebook, I tend to side with Anne Shirley. If I got credit for all the things I want to say and don’t, I would have to be one of the most self-controlled people operating on social media.

And in case that offends you, Look at this! It’s the same adorable baby eating MORE cake!!



5 thoughts on “149/365: Babies Eating Cake

  1. Iris is adorable! Love the pics and the blog. 🙂 I completely understand the sleep/lack of sleep situation. I personally have not slept through the night since before I was pregnant. So Iris and Landon need to get together some night soon and not sleep!

    • Hey, Katie! Sorry it took me so long to respond… I haven’t even logged into wordpress in almost a month. Oops. I was hoping the sleep situation improved by the 18 month mark, but even when Iris DOES sleep well, I’m still waking up every 2-3 hours because I’m so programmed to at this point. Eh. Someday.

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