147/365: Night & Day

IMG_0540 copy

This is my brain at 4:30am: So when I get up I need to write that email, set out the chicken to defrost for dinner, and figure out what Iris should wear to the party, because it’s going to be warm inside but it’s so cold out. Also we lost her hat. I need to buy her a new hat. Gosh, what are we going to do for HER first birthday? Everybody around here throws such elaborate parties for their 1 year olds. Goomba wouldn’t even like that, but maybe they do it for the families? I guess it could be like an open house or something—it wouldn’t have to be on her actual day…. When she’s ten we should go to Gettysburg. I still want to do that tour… I wonder if my book didn’t sell because of the development in the second half. I wonder if I will ever sell a book… If I were to write an essay about abortion, I would write…

This is my brain at 4:30pm: …. I guess I should make sure she doesn’t fall down the stairs?

To deal with the pm half of the equation, I’ve started calling my voicemail, putting it on speaker, and letting Iris have long conversations with my friends and family. There’s a nice long message from my friend Em in there and a cheery one from my dad on the morning of our Disney vacation. Iris paces the house and belts out strong opinions in reply. It’s pretty entertaining for both of us.


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