143/365: Blizzard

IMG_0526Carl bet me a coke a few weeks ago that we wouldn’t have another 2+ inch snowfall this winter. When he bough me my victory soda the other day, he made it a 33 ouncer—though the size might have more to do with sharing possibilities than the discrepancy of inches. I plan on drinking the leftovers with my lunch today. I don’t always win my bets, but when I do they involve sodas and foot rubs.

The weather is keeping us cooped indoors these days, though I’m not incredibly disappointed. I’m feeling sleepy and couch-bound for the most part. Not gloomy, exactly, but definitely an affinity for all creatures that hibernate. I want to watch costume dramas and take naps. And maybe finish reading my book. I finally got myself hooked on a novel, and it’s possibly the most unlikely choice for me: Jude the Obscure. At least it’s a classic, and I can feel good about that. On the other hand: what a downer.

But the country life description IS sort of beguiling. I enjoy knowing what inn food was like and how many miles an “afternoon walk” might typically be. I guess that ultimately means I’m enjoying the novel from the perspective of historical-detail poacher, but be that as it may… at least I’m reading again. That in itself feels good.

And we are in need of good feelings as the snow piles up and summer feels a hundred years away. I always get a touch of the glooms in winter. A couple of years ago for our anniversary—whatever year paper is the traditional gift—Carl gave me a simple card with this Camus quote printed on it:

IMG_0533 copy


I’ve used it for a bookmark since, but I liked the quote so much I put it up with a bunch of snowflakes and winter quotes and hockey ticket stubs for our January display on the entry way table. January is hard. Life has January moments. For somebody who has struggled off and on with depression over the years, it’s very cheering to remember that there is a resilient core deep inside, and as unpleasant as it is to be forced to find that core… it’s there when you need it.

Still. Spring can come any time as far as I’m concerned.


3 thoughts on “143/365: Blizzard

  1. I never heard that quote before, but I like it! Although, in me, it’s really more of an invincible God who quietly renews my courage.

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