141/365: Running Low

IMG_0515Not something I ever anticipated writing about online, but: I think my milk supply is drying up. At first I just thought she was being extra needy—all that night nursing and looking for snacks. Nope. She’s hungry.

And I still haven’t made it to the grocery store to restock since we got home.

Besides some online research, there was also a mad dig through the pantry mid-afternoon to satiate the babe. Refried beans? Um, sure. We smothered them in cheese, warmed to melty, and added some plain yogurt (it’s sort of like sour cream, right?). She thought they were the bomb.

Who knew?

Looks like I have some research to do… or maybe I just got my question about when to wean answered. If it works for her, it works for me.

Anybody have awesome snack ideas for a 1 yr old?



2 thoughts on “141/365: Running Low

  1. It’s possible that it isn’t your milk supply as much as Iris’s natural need for more solid food. She is getting close to a year old and a lot of babies start really eating solids in earnest about this age. In fact, La Leche League says that one of the signs of readiness for solids is that babies are still hungry after nursing.

    As for snacks, I’m with your mom. Whatever you’re eating is probably exactly what Iris wants, too. We like to make an effort right around this time in our babies’ lives to introduce a lot of different flavors, ethnic food, etc. because what babies eat in the beginning tends to define “normal” for them.

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