135-139/365: Vacation

Just a few snaps from our travels. We got home around noon today, and I promptly started feeling awful. I suspect some virus floating around the airport got me. Here’s hoping it’s a short-lived misery. On the bright side, we had a marvelous vacation.

Here’s Iris on the flight down. We were very fortunate: she slept an hour and a half out of the two hour flight… both ways. For all my complaints about sleep, she’s a great vacationer. Cheerful, interested, content. Pop her in the carrier, and she’s good to go.

IMG_   6

Later: getting her courage up for the kiddie pool. I love the way her shadow is stretching away. Very gunslinger/hero in the setting sun.IMG_0254

Iris LOVES slides. Another reason to look forward to sunny weather. We have a neighborhood play park less than a block from our house. Going to be a good summer.IMG_0306Lazy morning at the marina beach.
IMG_0320 Mom in her natural habitat. She was trying to get a good shot of a bald eagle that was circling and swooshing and fishing over the lake. I have been to all kinds of national parks in my life, but I’ve never seen a bald eagle in the wild before. Ah, Disney World.IMG_0335 Small World was every bit as fun as I hoped it would be. It took her a few minutes. It’s pretty stimulating to a girl who spends most of her days just chilling at home with her mommy. But there are dolls! Everything moves! The music is so dance-able! Iris loved it.IMG_0429 Getting braver.IMG_0469 By the time we had to go, she was a pro. She was so into it, in fact, that she threw one of her rare tantrums when it was time to go. Which is fine, because her tantrums are kind of adorable. I probably won’t think so in another year or two of real toddlerhood, but right now… I can’t help it. Her bottom lip pooches, and she throws herself backward with such dramatic flair. Also it doesn’t last long. Her frustration expressed, she moves on pretty quickly.IMG_0480

Also this face gets me every time.

Carl and I also had a great vacation, but we didn’t take so many pictures of ourselves. In our off-duty times (we were vacationing with my folks, and Mom very kindly held down the fort during nap time), we sat outside and drank coffee; walked around the campground; lazed by the pool. It was too short but amazingly nice. A perfect winter pick-me-up.

Next up: surviving February.


4 thoughts on “135-139/365: Vacation

  1. Ah, vacations with the fam! Iris is such a little charmer! I’m going to try to post today on Disney too. May I use the shot of her at Small World? How did Carl ever get such a bright, clear shot? Mine are all very dark. Isn’t she a DOLLY! Thanks for coming with us; it doubled the fun!!!

  2. Living vicariously. So wonderful to hear that she has the gene. I have Florida fever in the worst way at the moment. Between you guys and my friend who moved back to Florida last year and posts photos of her kids under their backyard tangerine tree…I’m in serious survival mode. Ordering seeds today to pull through.

  3. Great vacation pics! I especially love the one of her watching the show as well as the shadow poolside. Never been to Florida but feel as though I’ve seen the highlights through your vaca photos over the years.

  4. I love that shot of Iris getting ready to try the pool. Very epic. And iconic. And yay for a wonderful vacation. My one trip ever to Disney World was when I was sick as a dog in the early stages of pregnancy with M., but it was right around this time of year, and it was so incredible. It’s amazing to be someplace warm when home is hibernating under a blanket of snow.

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