130/365: They See Me Strollin’

IMG_0204This is Iris’s new favorite activity. We bought this stroller for our upcoming trip since it’s nice and light and folds down well. Of course, after we assembled it we had to give it a test drive, and since it’s about 2 degrees outside that test drive was all around the living/dining/kitchen.

With the posse, naturally.

And the crepe paper.

Possibly also some yogurt snacks and a juice box. It really just depends. I’m not sure why she loves being in this stroller when she is always slightly skeptical of the big stroller and outdoor rides (even when the weather’s nice), but she is always happy to go for an indoor stroller ride and will even sit in it for a while after we’ve parked.

On Sunday—Joel up for a quick visit—she sat in the stroller for a long time, eating donut holes and watching tennis with us. Although I guess that isn’t such a mystery. Donuts do have a certain charm.

Either way, here’s hoping it carries over on the trip. We have lots of miles to walk in the Florida sunshine (crossing my fingers for that last part).



One thought on “130/365: They See Me Strollin’

  1. So cute. The posse is fabulous. Our kids were often considerably more interested in new strollers than the old ones, too.

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