129/365: Lucky in Love

IMG_0169Am catching up on my posts today for the usual reason: teething strikes again. At least, I sure hope it’s teething and not just random all-night-partying because if it is, Iris totally needs to work on her party skills. Nobody seems to be enjoying her parties.

But it’s funny how awful the nights can be—how exhausted and cranky I can feel when morning shows up, and we’ve been up five times with an inconsolable goomba—and then how none of it seems to matter after all when I watch her, just toddling around shrieking at Maxine and giving her daddy kisses.

Love is the good stuff.



2 thoughts on “129/365: Lucky in Love

  1. Dad and I are stealing ourselves to love her up to at such times, should the wonderful fresh air not put her to sleep at night…

  2. That second shot is so gorgeous. I love the intensity in Iris’s eyes. And yes, love is the good stuff. It’s so amazing how much better it makes things, even super incredibly hard things like having to get up five times and listen to screaming.

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