127/365: Forks



Sippy cups?





Well, we’re working on it. She often has trouble telling which end is the forkable one, and will intently spear at objects with the handle. And she has trouble getting enough pressure on the fork to actually get those pesky little cheese bites and banana bits on the tines. But load that fork up and set it in front of her, and she is all over it.

IMG_0149Not so much the spoons, howev. I made the mistake of giving her a bowl of oatmeal and a spoon the other morning, and she had it pretty much everywhere except inside. But the fork skills—the fork skills are coming well.

And so is the sharing.




4 thoughts on “127/365: Forks

  1. I say, you’re going to have THE BEST set of pictures around for Bless Your Baby when you get finished. Have you thought of that??

  2. That sharing face IS the most adorable thing. Wow. It almost makes me WANT to eat that warmish, probably squishy, maybe even pre-slobbered bit of cheese. I’m not sure I could refuse.

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