125/365: The Diaper Butt Boogie

IMG_0111When Carl got a new(er) iPhone this fall, Iris inherited his old one. She loves to make swiping motions on the front and tap any and all buttons that may appear. It’s too old and too slow to run a lot of apps, but the iTunes library still works just fine.

Iris likes music of all persuasions, but she is really especially fond of anything with a strong beat—electronic if possible. Bouncy and bright is best, although I also play hip hop and club music for her, and that’s usually a big win too.

She has two signature dance moves at this point: the forward/backward rock (this starts with the head until she gets up enough momentum for her whole upper body), and the up/down butt bop.

I never thought of myself as a butt person until I had a baby, but I seriously love her tiny diapered butt. And there is nothing cuter in all the world than watching her when the music comes on, that first little shimmy in the diaper that means she’s feeling the beat, and she really likes it.

That alone is worth the admission price to this parenting gig.


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