123/365: Straw Woman

IMG_0094 copyLook at those mad straw skills. She actually figured this out for the first time with her juice box at McDonald’s on Saturday, but we’ve been honing the skill since. 24 hours later and she is a black belt in straw mastery.

Which is nice, because it leads to MUCH less dripping and bubbling than when she tries to sip from the glass, and even though she has about ten perfectly good sippy cups regularly full of exactly the same things I am drinking… she has a fairly natural human suspicion that whatever I have in my cup is probably better than whatever she has in hers.

Now she gets to see for herself.



One thought on “123/365: Straw Woman

  1. Funny how Mom’s is always better. Yesterday we got E. his OWN slushie. He politely drank some, but what he really wanted was my slushie. He kept pointing at it and saying, “Mine.” Of course, I gave him some, but I didn’t want him to drink the WHOLE thing, so I kept trying to take it back which was utterly and completely heartbreaking for the little man.

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