122/365: Hockey Again!



Well, it’s been a touchy year for hockey fans, no thanks to the lockout that wiped out the first half of the season, but the first games are finally scheduled. We even made it out to a training camp skate today that just happened to be two miles from our house and directly on the way home from church.

Iris spent most of the time staring soberly at the fans behind us (when she wasn’t exploring Carl’s ear, anyway), but if there are people to watch, she’s usually a happy camper. And she certainly wasn’t unhappy. Mostly just cosy and sleepy.

Carl and I, on the other hand, were feeling pretty lucky. Fun to feel the excitement rippling through the crowd. Fun to see all the players again. Fun to watch the drills and talk hockey again.

Just a good afternoon for this little Michigan family.

And a fun connection to the past. Sitting with Iris reminded me that I have to ask my dad about his childhood hockey stories again. I feel like I remember tales of his going to watch Wings training skates with his dad fifty years earlier.

Michigan blood, I tell you. It runs deep.



2 thoughts on “122/365: Hockey Again!

  1. I read your blog a little breathlessly today . . . I think I was about Iris’s age when I went to Pullar Stadium in Sault Ste. Marie to see the Red Wings play.

  2. Forgive my complete and utter ignorance. Did the Wings used to be located up north, or train there, or just come for games?

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