120/365: HOOAH

IMG_0027 copy


Fence, January thaw

I love my sister-in-law and my iPod separately and for many reasons, but I have to tell you that in combination the fabulousness is pretty extreme. I’m not much a phone talker, but having Carleen always a text away has made stay-at-home-parenthood a much richer experience. She is incredibly encouraging, and she really knows her stuff when it comes to infants and toddlers. She is also good at the occasional book or band recommendation, and an excellent hasher of life events, relationship quandaries, spiritual growth, feminism, politics, and philosophy. Also household cleaning agents.

Basically, she’s awesome.

She is also the only person who still plays make-believe with me, although if you want to make it sound slightly more dignified (ok, it’s never dignified) I guess you could call it Live Action Role Playing.

Yep. We LARP. Randomly. Over text.

It’s super fun.

This morning her invigorating “HOOAH” after announcing her cleaning plans for the day was enough to get us started.

BRAVO: This is Bravo team reporting… Operation Bathroom Clean is go.

DELTA: Bravo, this is Delta. We have a tinsel situation over here. Troops are tackling the job but we might have to bring our heavier weaponry. Brooms and vacuum on standby.

BRAVO: Good work, Delta. We ran into a nap situation. Repeat: nap situation. Proceeding more slowly than planned.

DELTA: We had planned a nap intervention but the target is staying awake for the most part… Up at 0600, down at 0930, but back up at 1000. Target seems erratic and unstable.

BRAVO: Indigenous peoples have compromised the location. We are regrouping for assault at 1100.

DELTA: We have your back, Bravo. Proceed however you think wise.

BRAVO: Roger, Delta. Stay safe out there.



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